Improve Your College Admission Chances

Admissions Checkup is a professional college admission consultancy company. We connect your application with experienced former admissions offers at top schools. Our admissions consultants review your application, providing you the needed guidance to improve your probability of acceptance to your target school.

The words literally and involuntarily burst forth. “I could have former admissions officers act as a dry-run admissions committee that would give application feedback to students before they applied to college.” Whether students worked alone, or with a college counselor or college consultant, the students would be lucky to have admissions officers who had actually worked at their top choice colleges give them insight into their applications’ strengths and weaknesses BEFORE they submitted. I turned the idea over and over in my head trying to find a downside and eventually shared it with another Wharton alum — my husband.

Four years later, prospective college and graduate students all over the world are using With admissions officers from over 50 schools, we have helped students not only get into Ivy League, small liberal arts and Big Ten schools for undergraduate study, but we have also helped prospective graduate students get into medical, business and law schools with generous grants and scholarships.

One of the best parts of this business is having the ability to be part of the greater good. A number of our students have received full scholarships to their first-choice colleges (including Princeton and MIT). We cannot take any credit, but we’re happy to have been a part of their success.