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STEAM Education for Adults & Children

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Helping Your Child Develop a Love for STEAM Fields

S.T.E.A.M. is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  Our mission at NextGen SmartyPants is to inspire kids and help foster a curiosity for learning.  As Engineers, Scientists, and Teachers ourselves, we love designing, creating, and making new things.  And we coordinate our programs with curricula at area schools to complement in-school learning and give students a fun, engaging way to apply math skills they learn in their classroom.

Engaging After-School STEAM Enrichment Classes

NextGen SmartyPants offers weekly STEAM afterschool programs for kids.  Your child can come each week to Learn Coding, Robotics, Engineering and more.  Or, drop us a line and we’ll bring our programs to your child’s school.

Engaging STEM Classes & Education
STEM/STEAM Education is an important aspect of life for all ages and NextGen SmartyPants provides professional education classes and services in Connecticut. If you are an individual looking for an in-person class to learn coding, photoshop, app design and more you can sign up for an adult class.

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